Eye Pillow


Eye Pillows can used hot or cold to naturally relieve headaches, tension, swelling, sinus pressure, itchy/dry eyes, and stress. These handmade perfectly weighted pillows really do the trick!

Measuring approximately 3.5" x 9" and contains 100% natural flax seeds. It is just the right size to gently drape over your forehead, eyelids, or back of the neck. Store in the freezer for a cool sensation or pop in the microwave for warm and soothing heat

Cozy cotton cover is removable and machine washable. Inner muslin pouch containing seeds is not washable (should not come into contact with water or soap).

Packaged in clear cellophane bag with warming/cooling directions and care instructions.

Fabric Options:
Buffalo Plaid (Red & Black check)
Green Dots
CUSTOM (you choose the fabric from my fabric library) -- You will be emailed within 48 hours of order received to discuss what you are looking for.

***Please note, this product is not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition, nor is it approved by the FDA. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your health, please seek the opinion of your medical professional.***